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          Foshan Unipower Electronic Co., Ltd.

          This series is specifically designed for PC. It has the SMD (Surface Mount Devices) technology & CPU integrated control technology which can satisfy the performance and the design of home PC, router and POS machine, and its technology also improve the dependability of the UPS.

            Field of application

          PC, Work station Small communication equipment.

            Performance characteristics

          1. Auto re-starts when AC recovers

          2. Silence setup
          3. Automatic charging (offline charging)
          4. Battery low voltage protection
          5. Overload & short circuit protection
          6. CPU controlled
          7.Optional RJ45/11 & USB port

          8.Dual USB CHARGER(5V,2A)

          9.Wide input voltage range

          Product Images
          型? 號/Model? U-Smart-1000 U-Smart-800 U-Smart-600
          容量/CAPACITY 1000VA/600W 800VA/480W (TBD) 600VA/360W(TBD)
          輸入電壓/Input voltage 230VAC 230VAC 230VAC
          輸入電壓范圍/Input voltage range 180~266VAC 180~266VAC 180~266VAC
          頻率范圍/Frequency range ?65/45Hz/(自動適應/Auto sensing)
          輸出電壓/Output voltage 230VAC 230VAC 230VAC
          輸出電壓范圍/Output voltage range? 200~240VAC
          輸出頻率/Output frequency? ?60/50Hz/(自動適應/Auto sensing)
          輸出波形/Output wave form 方波(電池模式)/PWM(Batt.mode)
          轉換時間/Transfer time Typical 2-6ms,10ms max/典型 2-6ms, 10ms 最大
          電池/ BATTERY      
          電池個數及容量/QTY.&capacity of battery(Replacement Battery SVC Brand Ony) 12V/9AH×1pc 12V/7.5AH×1pc(TBD) 12V/7.0AH×1pc(TBD)
          充電時間/Charging period? 4-6小時充滿90%容量,8小時可充滿。/4-6 hours recover to 90% capacity, 8 hours for full charge.
          輸出座 / Output connectors
          4個歐標座+1個IEC(電池模式) / (4) Schuko CEE 7+(1) IEC 320 C13 ?(Battery Backup)
          4個歐標座+1個IEC(浪涌輸出) / (4) Schuko CEE 7+(1) IEC 320 C13 ?(selector-surge title)
          輸入電源線 / Input Connections 歐標電源線 / Schuko CEE 7 / 7P
          完全保護/Full Protection 低電、過載及短路保護/low voltage & overload & short circuit protectionprotection
          物理性能/PHYSICAL ? ?  
          凈重(kg)/Net weight(kg) 6.3--7.1 (Packing TBD) TBD TBD
          機器尺寸(mm)/Unit dimension(mm) 290*245*120
          操作環境/Environment of performance 溫度/Temperature 0℃~40℃, 濕度/Humidity 20%~90%
          噪音等級/Noise level Less than 40dB
          面板及軟件界面/LCD or LED, RJ45/11 & USB 可選/Optional
          產品規格如有變更,恕不另行通知/Product specifications are subject to change without notice
          ? ?